Strobox Offers Lighting Diagrams On Your iPhone

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Released as a free app on Apple's iTunes store, Strobox offers a variety of lighting diagrams for amateur and professional photographers.  Using the tools within the app, you can build diagrams for photo shoot as well as share the diagrams with your photography brethren.  The app creates PNG files from your diagrams which you can send via email with the iPhone. 
There is plenty of equipment to be found within the app for setting up the proper scenario.  Types of equipment includes strobes, backdrops, hairlights, diffusion panels, umbrellas and softboxes. The app can be downloaded for free here.

New DxO Optics Pro v6.1 for Windows supports Canon 7D, G11 and Nikon D3000

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56 new DxO Optics Modules and user interface improvements.

The new version 6.1 of DxO Optics Pro for Windows adds support for 3 new cameras:
- Canon EOS 7D (Standard or Elite Editions);
- Canon PowerShot G11 (Standard or Elite Editions);
- Nikon D3000 (Standard or Elite Editions).

For this new release, DxO Labs fixed several bugs and also made some improvements to the user interface, based on customer feedback and suggestions, including:
- full screen display mode for increased visual comfort - additional shortcuts for improved productivity
- additional presets for increased flexibility

Check the full list of supported cameras & lenses inside

Three Songs, No Flash! - Your Ultimate Guide to Concert Photography by Loe Beerens

 Author Loe Beerens, a veteran photographer on the international concert scene, relates his experience in and knowledge of all the important aspects of planning and photographing concerts of all kinds in this new book from Rocky Nook, Three Songs, No Flash! ($24.95 USD). From punk to classical and everything in between, Loe covers how the music industry is organized, how to get access, the right people to befriend, and the proper etiquette of concert photography.
From preparation to equipment selection, the reader will learn how to make the most of those three songs from this richly illustrated book. Shooting techniques for each of the major musical instruments are covered, as well as capturing the peak action, post-production techniques, shooting in low light, and marketing your images.

Whether you are a photography enthusiast, a working professional, or just a lover of music, you will benefit from this informative guide. You can get the book here.

Casio Launches Camera Web Site For eGreeting Enjoyment

Casio America, Inc. announced today the launch of the company’s “Animate and Share” Web site (www.animateandshare.com), allowing consumers to experience Dynamic Photo fun through the creation of entertaining and unique eGreetings. Visitors can add a creative touch to their photos and bring them to life with Casio’s exciting animation feature on the company’s new virtual camera site. Each new user can share their creativity with the option to send their Dynamic Photo as an egreeting or through email or upload to social networks like Facebook.com. Casio’s new virtual camera site allows customers to experience Dynamic Photo enjoyment before making a purchase. Read the whole article inside

Photographer confusion over police stop policy

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The City of London Police has repeated its call for photographers to carry identification in spite of insistence by the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) that photographers do not need to identify themselves.

Last week City of London Police told us: 'Photographers should carry identification where possible and be prepared to answer questions about why they are taking photographs, if they are asked.'

However, a few days later ACPO, which co-ordinates police policy in England and Wales, told the BBC that photographers can refuse to give their name and address.

ACPO spokesman Andy Trotter told the BBC's Jeremy Vine radio show on Monday: 'The photographer is not required to give their details.' rada more here

GigaPan Epic 100 hands-on and review

You're already well aware of what GigaPan's wild camera robot is capable of when its in masterly hands, but have you ever wondered if such a device is practical for folks who don't have excellent seats for events such as Presidential inaugurations or the Arirang Mass Games? We've been toying around with an Epic 100 for the past week and change, and now that we've had a moment to upload a few of our own panoramas, we figured we'd toss our two pennies into the ring. Eager to know if this gigapixel image creator is really worth its avoirdupois in cold, hard cash? Head on past the break to find out.

TRENDnet rolls out 7-inch digital photo frame / camera monitor

''Well, it looks like the ol' softies and TRENDnet have finally found a way to liven up the family photo slideshow a bit: 'round the clock security camera footage! To make that possible, the company's new 7-inch TV-M7 photo frame connects to your home network and is able to detect any wireless TRENDnet security cameras also connected to the network, which can be displayed on their own or four at a time on the screen. Otherwise, the device looks to be a fairly standard photo frame, with it packing 512MB of built-in storage and a memory card slot for further expansion, along with a remote control, a built-in speaker, and all the usual media playback functionality. As you might expect, however, you won't get this one for the price of your usual 7-inch photo frame, with it running a somewhat hefty $262.99.'' via engadget.com

Photographer mulls legal action after terror swoop

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British press photographer Jess Hurd is considering legal action against police after she was stopped while taking photographs outside a hotel in east London.
Jess, a freelance, had been shooting video of guests leaving a wedding reception when she was stopped outside the Ramada Hotel in Docklands at 5.10pm on 10 December.
Prior to that she had been recording still images using her Canon EOS 1D Mark II digital SLR.
We understand that Jess was detained for 45minutes before being allowed to continue. Read the whole article

PowerGenix reveals potent NiZn rechargeable AA batteries

Move over Li-ion, Zinc is about to get all up in your area. Energizer has already announced the Zinc Air Prismatic, and now PowerGenix is gearing up to debut its variation at Ritz Camera locales across the nation. The Nickel-Zinc (NiZn) AA cells, difficultly coined Quantaray Super Z, pack up to 30% more voltage than other rechargeables (right in line with one-time use batteries) and are entirely nontoxic. Oddly enough, no price is mentioned, but you should probably go in expecting the worst in order to not be totally taken aback upon finding out. Full release is after the break. Read the whole article here

Adobe releases Photoshop Lightroom 2.2

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Adobe has updated Photoshop Lightroom to Version 2.2. The latest version extends RAW support to the cameras included in the recent Camera RAW 5.2 release. The latest update also builds-in the camera profiles, previously available from Adobe Labs, that attempt to mimic the camera manufacturers' intended output.